Transfer .au domain

Step 1. Perform whois lookup on domain, make note of “NS entries” and “Registrant Contact Email”.

Step 2. Ensure the Registrant Contact Email is current as this will used to send you a transfer authorisation email.

If needed update the email address with your current registrar.

Step 3. Obtain the domain key (EPP code).

This can be obtained via your current registrar or by using the AusRegistry recover password tool.

Step 4. Apply for the domain transfer with your new provider.

Jumba offer decent price and service for Australian based hosting.

Be sure to enter the NS records for the hosting, obtained in step 1.

Step 5. Approve transfer.

The Registrant Contact Email address from step 2 will receive an email with a link to follow where you can Approve the domain transfer.

Step 6. Wait.

Wait a couple of days for the transfer to be completed.
You can check that the transfer is in progress by performing a whois. Status should show “pendingTransfer (Client requested transfer)”.