Create OWA only user with no access to workstations

Create user as per usual, then:

1. Create new security group

2. Add user to security group

3. Group Policy Management: Create new Group Policy Object linked at root of domain

4. Right Click and choose edit.
Navigate to: Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment

5. Double-click “Deny log on locally”

6. Click “Add User or Group” and add the group you created in step 1. Apply.

7. Wait for Group Policy synchronisation or gpupdate /force on computers.

Source: ServerFault

Recovering corrupt files using DD

Issue: Clients Outlook data file corrupt, repair fails, copy fails due to CRC errors.

Resolved via dd on osx machine, then repair of data file on windows using inbox repair tool (scanpst).

dd bs=512 if=/Volumes/Untitled/Documents\ and\ Settings/User/Local\ Settings/Application\ Data/Microsoft/Outlook/Outlook.pst of=corrupt.pst conv=noerror,sync